Connectio 2022

Connectio was created in 2015 and over the years has developed several tools that help thousands of people and companies with their marketing.

In 2021, Connectio was bought by Sociallite and Sociallite has worked to take over and come at the same pace as Connectio had before.


Sociallite is a company with around 30 employees and together has many years of experience with social media, marketing, SEO, development and design.


Taking over a company like Connectio has been a challenge. There are many moving parts that we need to keep an eye on and make sure everything works flawlessly.

In 2021, we have worked hard to review the platform and find out what needs to be done. Some parts work perfectly and other parts that need a little overhaul.


We already started in 2021 to update the platform’s back-end so that it runs with the latest secure and stable version. This is to make the platform as secure, stable and fast for our customers as possible. We want to simplify and speed up everything that our customers and employees use.


This is a work that takes time and that we will continue with in 2022.
As you have probably seen by now, we are working on a new look for Connectio. We felt that the old website has done its thing and will therefore migrate over to this one soon.

We will be more active in our blog and it will be through the blog that you can follow the latest updates from us.


We are updating the code, fixing gaps and it will be faster and more stable. With this update, we lay the foundation for new features and advertising platforms.

You will soon see and notice much of the work we have and are doing with me.

3 months ago