6 Easy Facebook Ecommerce Marketing Tips

Should you market on Facebook?

Facebook’s goal has always been to connect business owners and their customers. If you’re in the ecommerce industry and are wondering if Facebook can help, the answer is YES!

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling (apparel, food, beauty products, etc.) – tons of Facebook ecommerce solutions will propel your business forward.

This is especially important now that a lot of local retail stores have been struggling in the aftermath of the recent pandemic. And because of that, owners have considered moving their small businesses to ecommerce.

Below we have listed 6 easy tips to show you how to start marketing your ecommerce brand on Facebook for free and use its advertising platform.

1. Set up a Facebook Business page

If you haven’t set up a page on Facebook yet, make sure you do. The process is easy. Head over to facebook.com/pages/create. Add your ecommerce business name, description, profile photo, and complete the rest of your page details.

Once you’re done, start inviting people to like your page. In fact, you can start running ads to increase brand awareness and connect with potential customers.

Create organic Facebook posts to stay relevant to your audience whether or not you’re running ads. Doing this will also keep your page fresh and it will draw more attention from potential buyers.

2. Create a Facebook shop

In 2020 Facebook launched Facebook Shops to make it easier for small businesses to sell products right from their page.

In a nutshell, Facebook Shops lets you create an online shop for free. With that, you get to feature your product collections and customize your shop with your brand colors.

Setting up your Shop should be done within Facebook Commerce Manager. Then start creating your collection. There are plenty of e-commerce website builders available!

3. Entice your audience with great visuals

It’s no secret that visuals improve your ecommerce audience’s experiences. Stats show that Facebook posts with images garner 2.3 times more engagement than those without images.

So, whether you’re sharing an educational blog post, making an announcement, or showcasing a product, accompany it with a relevant and enticing image.

4. Upload videos of your products

Take it a step further by creating videos in addition to photos. Videos are especially useful when demonstrating how to use your products, showcasing a new product in action, or telling stories.

A brand may also shoot a “message from the CEO” video to build deeper connections with their audience. In addition, consider testimonial videos to boost your social proof.

💡Bonus tip: Go live on Facebook! Doing this humanizes your ecommerce business even more. Facebook Live is free, easy to use, and generates real-time engagement.

5. Post during the best times

Successful Facebook ecommerce marketing isn’t just about creating compelling and visually engaging posts. It’s also about knowing when and how often to post.

This takes us to the question: What’s the best time to post on Facebook for maximum brand exposure?

Different sources mention different times. For example, a Buffer study found 1-3 pm on weekdays and Saturdays as the best times. But for CoSchedule, it’s 1-4 pm late into the week and on weekends.

You can use this information as a starting point and test it out.

More importantly, see what your own data on Facebook Insights tells you. You’ll want to check when your fans are online including the reach and engagement of your published posts.

Are more people interacting with posts that were live during certain hours? Note that these posts have to be organic – not boosted posts.

Consistency is also key. This means that after you identify your best possible posting schedule, stick to it. This way, people know that you’ll be posting on certain days and times and will keep on visiting your page for new content.

6. Add CTAs to every post

If you’d like to accomplish something through your Facebook post, such as getting people to sign up, read your content, buy your product, etc. – make sure you add a call-to-action (CTA).

Check out Dollar Shave Club’s Facebook post below. They introduced their new product which was a shave gel and wrote the call-to-action: “Get yours here”.

Final Thoughts

Facebook is one of the best places to promote your business – especially Facebook ads.

Of course, you should always post organically whether you’re running ads or not to increase your business exposure. In fact, you can maximize your best-performing ecommerce page posts by turning them into ads using ConnectAutomate.

Or… check out other solutions at Connectio to improve and automate your Facebook ecommerce ad campaigns.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Have you considered using Facebook to reach your goals? It can take time to learn and master Facebook ads, but it’ll be worth it. We’re here to help.

1 year ago

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