Create profitable “Super Video Audiences” in seconds with ConnectVideo

This revolutionary ad tool turns video views into a profit-boosting “customer magnet” that you can leverage over and over again without having to change your existing funnels, workflow, or account structure. Learn how to create profitable facebook video ads easily and effortlessly!

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Suits the Way You Work

ConnectVideo doesn’t require you to change anything in how you normally run your Facebook Video Ads. No need to change your account structure or tag videos to deliver the best retargeting video ads on Facebook - it just works!

What is a “Super Video Audience” list?

A “Super Video Audience” list allows you to segment your audience based on their previous interest in your published videos on Facebook and/or Instagram. With the use of different Super Video Audience lists, you can easily serve retargeting video ads to the right audience.

No Changes to Your Account

ConnectVideo doesn’t make any changes to your Facebook Ads account, it just helps you to deliver the best facebook video ads possible. In the unlikely event that you find it’s not for you, no further action is required to stop using it.

Your data is safe

We request a few Facebook permissions to get this revolutionary ad tool to do its magic for you, and our use of data adhere’s to Facebook’s User Data Policy. In short, when using this tool to create ads and videos for social media, your data is 100% private and secure.

Regan Dishon

This tool paid for itself in the first week just on time savings alone

"We love using ConnectVideo! As an agency with hundreds of accounts it is important to automate even the smallest of tasks. Updating your video remarketing audiences by hand means that we not only are wasting time, but we are also updating the audience less frequently. ConnectVideo allows us to automate this task meaning we are able to update these audiences every day while not wasting hours of time that could be better spent optimizing our ads."

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Is ConnectVideo compatible with my Mac or PC?
This breakthrough ad tool is 100% cloud-based. It works with all modern browsers regardless of which type of device or operating system you use. PC, Mac, Chromebook -- all covered. There are no compatibility issues with any operating system, and there’s nothing to download. Simply log in, get started right away, and serve up the best retargeting video ads as possible!
How does ConnectVideo work?
It’s simpler than you might think!

First of all, you'll publish videos on your Facebook™ page and/or Instagram™ business account.

There's absolutely nothing to change in running your social media accounts. (But after getting a taste of what ConnectVideo can do for you, you might find it irresistible to share more videos on Facebook™ and Instagram™).

Then you'll use ConnectVideo to create a Super Video Audience.

This particular audience type will include everyone who has watched any of the content videos you've already posted in the past and all the future videos you'll be posting in the future. (ConnectVideo will check your page(s) daily to see if you've published new videos and add them to your Super Video Audience).

ConnectVideo comes with some intelligent segmentation options.

For example, you can create all these audiences with ConnectVideo in just a few clicks:

Super Video Audience #1: People who watched 10% of your videos in the past 365 days. Super Video Audience #2: People who watched the first 3 seconds of your videos in the past 30 days. These are just examples. Your options are almost unlimited -- and we're already working on adding more segmentation options.

After creating these Super Video Audiences, you can use them inside Facebook™ Ads just like any other custom audience.

There's more to what ConnectVideo does behind the scenes to make this process fully automated and compliant -- but this is a good overview of how ConnectVideo works.
What makes ConnectVideo different from other tools on the market?
Today, there’s nothing in the market that’s even slightly similar to what this tool can do for you. Suppose you want to run profitable retargeting video ads in 2021 and beyond. In that case, it’s the only way that I know that’s guaranteed to work with the iOS 14.5 update and its tracking limitations. It’s future-proof, too (even if Google or other tech giants bring new tracking restrictions). That is what makes ConnectVideo the most powerful ad tool when discovering how to create profitable Facebook Video Ads.
Do I need ConnectRetarget or any other tool to use ConnectVideo?
No, ConnectVideo is a standalone tool.

You don't need to use it combined with ConnectRetarget, ConnectExplore, or any other ad tool.

Using this tool alone is enough to create Super Video Audiences with up to a 365-day attribution window, including historical data even before you’ve started using the tool. It’s the ultimate cure for creating retargeting campaigns with video ads on Facebook™.
Do I need to run video ads on Facebook daily to be able to use ConnectVideo?
No. You only need to have videos on your Facebook™ page or Instagram™ business account to be able to populate Super Video Audiences with this ad tool. You can then show any ads to this unique retargeting audience -- image ads, video ads.
I'm not very technical. Will I still be able to use ConnectVideo?
This is one of the best features of ConnectVideo: It’s super simple to set up and use, in other words, no technical skills are required at all to use this ad tool.

We’ve done all the hard work for you, so you won’t need to dabble with technical mumbo jumbo.

Just set it up once (in a few simple clicks), and the tool will automatically serve you without lifting a finger.
How can I contact you?
Has ConnectVideo caught your attention, but you need some more information and/or support before deciding whether or not this tool is suitable for the purpose of your business?

Don't hesitate to email us at [email protected] – we’ll be happy to help you out!

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