About Connectio

Connectio aims to offer the most powerful Facebook Marketing Tools

Available to businesses and enterprises of any size.

Our global team has developed a range of Facebook marketing tools to get higher results using Facebook ads.

Being active Facebook™ advertisers ourselves, we created various tools to automate our Ads and made them more effective – which is how Connectio was born. Over the years, it’s become painfully clear to us that many businesses struggle to get Facebook™ Ads working for them – while it is (by far) the most rewarding ads platform out there.

That's why we decided to start sharing our marketing tools with the rest of the world

Connectio aims to become the standard that every Facebook advertiser is using by providing the ultimate Facebook advertising services. Whichever direction things take in this space, we are confident that you will find Connectio to stay on the leading edge, ensuring that our customers will always have a distinct competitive advantage for their Facebook ecommerce advertising through Ad Automation.

Our Tools


Retarget the audience already showing interest in your offers. Explore ConnectAudience.


Grow your email subscriber list automatically when using Lead Ads on Facebook. Check out ConnectLeads.



Start retargeting your visitors based on their behavior and increase your ROAS. Discover ConnectRetarget.



Save time and money on your Automated Ads by letting this amazing tool find quality interest to target. Learn more about ConnectExplore.


Improve your Facebook ads performance by using ad automation, all based on your customers' engagement. Explore ConnectAutomate.


Deliver automated video ads on Facebook based on your customers interest. Learn how to create profitable Facebook ads effortlessly with ConnectVideo.


All our tools come in one package! Make the most of our Facebook Marketing Services by using ConnectSuite.

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