Target your most engaged visitors with ConnectRetarget

This revolutionary retargeting software consists of powerful behavior & action-based filters that add precision targeting capabilities to your behavioral retargeting campaigns. When you can remind visitors of exactly how they came to your site, your ad conversions go through the roof! Specifically retargeted visitors are 4 times more likely to engage with your ads!

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Create ultra targeted audiences in minutes with this unique retargeting service

  • Pre-made audience templates help you filter down to ideal retargeting prospects with ease - Choose from options like Google Search traffic, most engaged, mobile visitors, direct traffic, scrolled content percentage, time on site, number of visits.
  • ConnectRetarget is an easy-to-use drop-down interface - set your own custom retargeting criteria in just seconds and you are ready to start with your behavioral retargeting.
  • This cross device retargeting service works with any platform: WordPress, Shopify, ClickFunnels, LeadPages, or any other site builder.

Use behavioral targeting to serve the right ad to the right visitor

Traditional retargeting services treat every website visitor the same, so you end up serving the same ad to very different audiences. For example, one person lands on your site by accident, and leaves instantly. But another person hits your site, loves what they see, and spends several minutes or more checking things out. With the use of behavioral retargeting, you can target these two visitors differently, which will increase your ROAS massively.

Customize your retargeting filters

Time On Site

ConnectRetarget lets you target specific users who spend a specified amount of time on your website or offer page.


Create an audience of visitors based on how far they scrolled through your page and retarget them through behavioral retargeting.

Browser Language

This retargeting software is perfect for selecting audiences by country or native language for niche campaigns and geotargeting.

Referral Source

Easily craft campaigns based on specific traffic … serve video retargeting ads to visitors from YouTube, and image-intensive retargeting ads to visitors from Pinterest, for example.

Number of Visits

With the use of ConnectRetarget, you can easily create audiences based on the number of times users visited your sites.

Date(s) of Visit

The tool is perfect for running scarcity and time sensitive campaigns, for example Facebook retargeting campaigns.

Device specific

The tool allows you to custom audiences for users coming from mobile, desktop or tablet - which also makes it possible to perform cross device retargeting.


This retargeting ad software helps you to run retargeted ads maximizing conversions for people coming from specific campaigns you’ve run, such as FB™ ads, solo ads or private deals.

Andrew Murray

Everyone needs to start using this

”There is no doubt that retargeting is where the big ROI is in marketing. But you have to know what you are doing. To a normal marketer, understanding how to retarget and what they should be retargeting is nearly impossible. What Connectio has done with ConnectRetarget is to allow normal marketers to use retargeting effectively and not get overwhelmed. Finally anyone can use retargeting and gain the benefits of marketing to their hyper-active customers with precision. Amazing breakthrough. Everyone needs to start using this.”

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How does this retargeting software increase my conversions and profits?
It uses state-of-the-art behavior based segmentation ... so you can create specific audiences based on the exact actions your site visitors take, which is the key when performing behavioral retargeting.

This means you can serve highly retargeted ads which speak DIRECTLY to certain people. Which means a drastically higher conversion rate, while also lowering your ad expenses.
I’ve never retargeted before ... will this retargeting ad software work for me?
Definitely! As powerful as the software is, it’s also the easiest way to take advantage of retargeting. The included training shows anyone – even complete beginners – step by step how to use the software and create powerful retargeting campaigns.
Any risk of having my FB™ ads account shut down when using ConnectRetarget?
Not by using the software – we’ve worked directly with the FB™ development team and the software is 100% compliant. Of course you’ll still have to make sure your ads are compliant but this is all covered inside your FB™ ads manager account.
Will this work on my Mac?
Absolutely – the retargeting software is cloud-based so it runs perfectly on any operating system. As long as you’ve got an internet connection, you’re good to go.
I already run facebook retargeting campaigns. How is this different?
Conventional retargeting is very limited – basically, it treats every person who visited your site and left exactly the same. Meaning you deliver the same ads to a wide range of users. This translates into lower conversions and a lot more money spent on testing and ad creation.

With ConnectRetarget, you get hyper-targeted audiences based on specific actions. So you can create highly specific retargeting ads based on the type of user you’re targeting. In other words, with the use of behavioral retargeting, you save money by not chasing tire kickers, and explode your conversions by reconnecting with your most engaged traffic.
I don’t have my own products but promote affiliate offers. Is this retargeting service suitable for me?
Yes, because you have full control over what link you send to your target audiences. Many affiliates have used behavioral retargeting successfully to increase sales ... ConnectRetarget puts these results on steroids.
How can I contact you?
Has ConnectRetarget caught your attention, but you need some more information and/or support before deciding whether or not this retargeting service is suitable for the purpose of your business?

Don't hesitate to email us at [email protected] – we’ll be happy to help you out!

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