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ConnectSuite, The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Software

Facebook Ads Manager can be a complicated and time-consuming tool to use, but with Connectio’s all-in-one Facebook marketing software, managing your ad campaigns has never been easier.

As of today we’re offering a 7-day free trial so you can experience the power of ConnectSuite for yourself.

ConnectSuite consists of 6 ground-breaking Facebook Marketing tools:

1. ConnectAudience

ConnectAudience is a tool that helps to boost email marketing and retargeting profits by connecting your email subscriber list to your Facebook Ad Manager.

With just a few clicks, the tool manages all data analysis and filtering of subscribers to help target the right audience with value-driven ads.

The interface is easy to use and customizable, allowing you to tailor retargeting audiences to your specific needs. ConnectAudience also enables the creation of lookalike audiences, expanding your target audience on social media.

The tool is beneficial for marketers, business owners, e-commerce owners, product promoters, list builders, and email marketers. With ConnectAudience, you can see higher engagement and increased ROI on all future email campaigns.

2. ConnectLeads

ConnectLeads is a cloud-based email marketing tool that helps you grow your email subscriber list directly from Facebook using Lead Ads. The tool integrates with Facebook ad account and autoresponder, allowing new email subscribers to be fed into your autoresponder in real-time without manual input.

ConnectLeads supports most major autoresponder and CRM platforms and provides real-time data and analytics. The setup process is easy and quick, and the tool offers customizable field mapping capabilities and extra field/question options via lead ads.

3. ConnectRetarget

ConnectRetarget is a retargeting software that enables users to create highly targeted audiences for their retargeting campaigns. The software consists of behavior and action-based filters that allow for precision targeting capabilities.

It is easy to use and works with any platform, such as WordPress or Shopify. The tool offers a range of targeting filters, including time on site, engagement, browser language, referral source, number of visits, date of visits, device, and campaign.

ConnectRetarget helps to increase conversions and profits by delivering highly targeted ads to specific audiences based on the exact actions they take on a user’s website.

4. ConnectExplore

ConnectExplore is a Facebook interest targeting tool designed to help users find quality interests to target for their ad campaigns. The tool features a user-friendly layout, a powerful interest search engine that finds motivated audiences, automated suggestions, advanced targeting, and has over 40 languages supported.

The tool integrates fully with Facebook’s Ad API, which allows users to perform deeper searches, access in-depth analytics, and connect directly with their ad manager.

ConnectExplore is useful for CPA Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, List Builders, Local Marketing Consultants, eCommerce Marketers, and Social Media Marketers.

5. ConnectAutomate

ConnectAutomate is a Facebook ad automation tool that helps you run profitable and high-ROI ads by automatically identifying and promoting your most engaging posts.

With ConnectAutomate, you can save time and money, reduce costs per click and acquisition, and improve your Facebook ad performance on a budget. The tool connects directly with Facebook’s Ad API, allowing you to set your targeting rules and have the software do the rest

6. ConnectVideo

ConnectVideo is a cloud-based ad tool that helps users create “Super Video Audiences” for retargeting Facebook and Instagram video ads. It requires no changes to account structure or workflows and is 100% compatible with all modern browsers.

The tool is secure and adheres to Facebook’s User Data Policy. With ConnectVideo, users can easily segment their audience based on video engagement and create retargeting ads with just a few clicks. It is different from other ad tools on the market as it is future-proof and can work with new tracking restrictions. It is a standalone tool and doesn’t require any other ad tools to work.


ConnectSuite is a powerful suite of tools that helps businesses and marketers boost their email marketing and retargeting profits. With features like real-time data analysis and easy-to-use interfaces, ConnectSuite makes it simple to target the right audience with value-driven ads and achieve higher engagement and ROI.

Whether you’re a business owner, e-commerce owner, marketer, or product promoter, ConnectSuite has everything you need to grow your email subscriber list, increase conversions, and improve your Facebook ad performance. So why wait? Sign up for ConnectSuite today and start experiencing the benefits of powerful, automated marketing!

Start your 7-day trial here!

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