Our Commitment.

Connectio is dedicated to adhering fully with GDPR prior to its enforcement date. On this page we'll give you an overview of our progress.

Disclaimer: This page is for informational purposes only and cannot be seen as legal advice.

What is the GDPR (and why should I care)?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a piece of legislation that is designed to strengthen and unify data protection laws for all individuals within the European Union.

For that reason, GDPR applies to any organization in the European Union that is processing personal data, as well as any organization that processes the personal data of EU data subjects, regardless of whether the organization has a presence in the European Union or whether the processing is conducted within the European Union.

If you collect, store, manage, or analyze personal data of any type, including email addresses, it is likely that the GDPR affects your organization.

What is Connectio doing to ensure GDPR compliance?

Glad you asked! There are many changes and steps we're taking across every part of our company to ensure GDPR compliance.

This includes various new features and tools to help us, you and your email subscribers to facilitate GDPR requests, as well internal changes, policies and contractual changes and updates.

Here's a condensed version of our GDPR roadmap:

  1. Appoint a Data Protection Officer - COMPLETE
  2. Thoroughly research the areas of our product and business impacted by GDPR - COMPLETE
  3. Make the required changes in our Privacy Policy - COMPLETE
  4. Make the required changes in our Terms of Service - COMPLETE
  5. Produce a written Data Processing Agreement for our EU customers - COMPLETE
  6. Perform the necessary changes/improvements to our product based on the requirements - COMPLETE
  7. New export functionality (right to data portability) - COMPLETE
  8. Ability to remove contacts from your account (right to be forgotten) - COMPLETE
  9. Implement the required changes to our internal processes and procedures required to achieve and maintain compliance with GDPR - COMPLETE

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Tips to Prepare for GDPR when using Connectio

There are various things you might need to do depending on your situation and jurisdiction. Below you'll find various tips that may be useful when using Connectio.

1. Update your Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Make sure your Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy are in line with the GDPR, and are clearly communicated to your audience.

2. Sign a Data Processing Agreement

If you are in the European Union you'll likely want to sign a Data Processing Agreement.

You can sign our DPA here.

3. Familiarise yourself with Facebook™ changes

As a Connectio customer, you're likely advertising on Facebook. Just like us, Facebook™ is making various changes to make sure they'll be GDPR compliant - both in their product as well as their policies.

You'll find more information about the GDPR's implications on Facebook™ here.

4. Learn how to edit and delete contacts

Under the GDPR, contacts have the right to request deletion of their data. Familiarising yourself with how to delete contact information may help you comply with such requests once the GDPR takes effect.

You'll find instructions here.

5. Learn how to export data

The right to data portability and right of access enable contacts to request their personal data. Exporting contact data can help you comply with these requests.

You'll find instructions here.

6. Consult a legal professional

The contents of this page are informational, and do not contain any legal advice. To understand the implications of the GDPR on your organization, we recommend you seek legal counsel from a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ConnectRetarget and it's PowerPixel collect any data?

When using the PowerPixel of ConnectRetarget, Connectio doesn't collect any data from your website visitors.

Instead, the PowerPixel is an add-on to the Facebook™ pixel. Once you have installed the PowerPixel onto your website, various data-points (such as how far your visitor has scrolled on your site) will be sent directly to Facebook™ - without going through the Connectio servers.

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